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Coffee Table Sets

46 Coffee Table Sets found

The coffee table is not just an element of decor, but a functional and useful piece of furniture. It can store all sorts of useful little things, like keys or scissors, and they will always be at hand. On this table you can put a charming cup with fresh coffee. You can put gloves on it, a vase of flowers, a laptop.

Coffee table sets in the interior of the living room

As you already understood, the coffee table set should be selected depending on the style of the living room interior. Let's see what ideas come to the designers for creating stylish rooms using this furniture.

2-piece coffee table set - an actual principle for creating a spectacular living room interior. Pairing principle is one often used in the modern interiors. The objects like lamps, rugs, vases and coffee tables are placed symmetrically. And the elements should be from the same collection or exactly the same. This method is used to change the interior, as well as for convenience, especially in small rooms. Tables can be pushed close to each other, and, thus, a large surface will appear for the reception of guests. And the visual effect will be amazing!

Wide range of coffee table sets

Coffee tables from set can be square, round, oval and rectangular. They can be equipped with additional capacious boxes, stands, backlight, shelves, niches. Original coffee table sets are encrusted with metal inserts. The worktop can be made of special impact-resistant glass.

The table can also be equipped with wheels. This table is very mobile, it can be easily and simply moved around the apartment with one touch. If you want to save space, you can use extendable models.

Our wooden coffee tables sets are made of natural wood: walnut, rosewood wenge, ash, alder and oak. If you want to buy a coffee table set in our online store, we advise you to carefully study our online furniture catalogue: in it you will find a photo of our coffee tables with detailed descriptions and prices.

Coffee table sets for any style

If your living room is made in the original style, you need a special coffee table set. Durable, lightweight, tightly knocked down and beautiful coffee table set - it is ideal for a bright living room in the trendy Provence style. And since it is not just a table, but also a transformer, you can optionally decompose it, doubling it.

If your living room is made in a modern style, your ideal choice will be the coffee table set made from a noble rosewood wenge dark brown. Its modern design and special design will make your guests gasp with admiration.

If you are tired of wood and want something special and more transparent, you can buy glass and metal coffee table set. On a high leg, with a comfortable shelf, toned and almost weightless in appearance - this table will fit into the high-tech interior at will.

And in the spacious living rooms of coffee tables can be much more.

Low profile coffee table sets in the living room

These coffee table sets were inspired by the Japanese style furnture. They have a height that is much smaller than the traditional by 20-30 cm. Low coffee table sets are characterized by the following features:

  • Have a fairly concise form and clear angles;
  • The legs may be completely absent, but if they are, they are necessarily even;
  • They differ in interesting texture (leather or wood);
  • Restrained in color;
  • Excellent in modern interiors, where environmentalism and minimalism prevail.

Coffee Table Sets Materials

Coffee table sets perfectly fit into any interior, and also complement its functionality. They are made from various materials, among which there are several basic ones:

  • Natural wood. Furniture from it is the most expensive and beautiful. The material is classical, as many of these designs are made from it. To make the tables original, they can be supplemented with carving or other decorative elements.
  • Metal. Apply tables from it to design offices and modern styles.
  • Glass, stone. These products are concomitant and can complement the previously reviewed materials

Classification of coffee table sets

Coffee tables can be divided into several types:

  • Classical coffee table sets. Traditional for the classics color combinations and interior decoration. Classical coffee table sets as an integral accessory of classical living rooms gives the living room comfort and coziness.
  • Coffee table sets with shelves. The shape of the table top varies depending on the customer's desire. A shelf for magazines is located directly under the upper base.
  • Mini-table. These surfaces are used not only for reading and posting newspapers, but also as a surface for placing snacks.
  • Accent coffee table sets. The designs are distinguished by an exquisite design. Made from a variety of materials that perfectly complement each other.

It should be understood that the classification of coffee table sets is not universal. Many types of table sets can refer to different types. This is achieved through a combination of functional and modern design approaches.

Buy a coffee table set in the online store

Coffee table set can become the final element of the interior of the living room. The market presents all kinds of options that differ in size, shape, style and material. Before you make a purchase it is very important to take into account all the nuances, so as not to spend money in vain.

Choose the appropriate dimensions of this piece of furniture should be based on the size of the room. A small set will be completely invisible, but the big one can give the hosts a lot of inconvenience. Among the most common forms are oval, round, square and rectangular shapes. The most convenient are the oval and rectangular shapes, but the round and square are best suited for large rooms.

A fairly large number of materials are used in the production of coffee tables: glass, stone, metal, leather and even ivory. Often manufacturers produce and combined models, which are distinguished by originality and elegance. It is also worth considering the options for using it, because it can be either decorative, or used to place photographs, flowers, or even serve as a dining or working area.

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