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Chests of drawers - universal, practical and roomy furniture, which is still in fashion for many years. They are great for different rooms, but especially in the bedroom. The purpose of such furniture is compact and accurate storage of clothing, linen and other things. In addition to this functionality, you can use this item as a stand for decorative things, flowers and even media devices.

Chest of drawers - a practical and beautiful solution for the bedroom

Dressers for the bedroom are not included in the list of mandatory pieces of furniture, but they help to make storage of things as convenient as possible, replacing bulky cabinets. Due to the wide size range, they may serve as storage place for clothing, bed linens and even blankets. In addition, in some embodiments (at a sufficient height), this piece of furniture can be used for the original division of small rooms into functional areas.

The practicality of the bedroom dressers successfully complements the excellent aesthetic properties. Because of the small size of the dresser is rarely used as a style-building element, but they are able to favorably emphasize the design idea of the room. So, in the New York Furniture Outlets online store is a large selection of models harmoniously complementing any interior:

  • Classical style - imitation of antique objects with a massive base, carving, patina and inserts of wood with an elegant design;
  • High tech and modern styles - glossy models of dark and light shades with metal fittings - for a bedroom in the style of high-tech;
  • Minimalistic design - Design simple rectangular shape.

If you want to buy specific model dresser with an exclusive design or can not find a suitable model in the catalog, give us a call and we will try to find the best model that will serve your needs.

How to choose a chest of drawers

If you are the owner of a small apartment or have unique interiors, an elegant chest of drawers will be a great furniture option for you. The dresser is the kind of furniture, the hallmark of which is its versatility. Wherever a large closet can not fit, there is always room for a dresser. In this case, you do not have to sacrifice the level of roominess. Even a small model with three drawers can accommodate the same number of things as a small wardrobe. When choosing a chest of drawers, the first thing you need to define for yourself is its functional type. The modern market for such furniture offers models with three, five, six drawers, shelves, supplemented with a mirror, changing surface and many other features to enhance your comfort. Therefore, your decision should be based on personal preferences and the size of the area, which can supposedly be allocated to the chest of drawers. The next moment is the choice of the material of manufacture. Our online store offers wooden chests of drawers, glass or metal dressers or even a combination of these materials. All of them have different prices and characteristics of each particular material. Wooden models differ in natural and ecological purity. They are durable, therefore the period of their operation with the following the furniture care recommendations for care can last many years.  The next important point is the presence or absence of legs, which, as in the case of functional filling, is chosen individually. Another point worth mentioning - the quality and materials of the drawers guides. There are two types - guides of full and incomplete extension. Both options are durable, work smoothly and noiselessly, and their difference lies in the name itself. However, if there is a small child in your home, a safer option is, of course, a product with boxes that do not extend to the end. Therefore, if you decide to buy dressers at once in several rooms, including a nursery, you can order them with different types of guides.

Modern dressers in the bedroom

You can buy online a dresser for a bedroom of several types. It can be products as simply for storing clothes or clothes, as well as the interpretation of dressing tables. For example, a product with a mirror can not only help rationalize the space of the room, but also visually expand its space. Not unimportant factor is also how harmoniously the dresser looks in the interior. A bedroom is a place that should symbolize warmth and comfort. Therefore, it is best to choose dresser in light colors. In this sense, the white chest of drawers is universal. He can perform a role as a bright color accent, and give the interior even more light. The natural desire of every person is to surround yourself with beautiful and high-quality furniture. In our catalog you will find many models of dressers and ready-made bedrooms, photos of which you can help in furnishing your home. Chests of drawers in the bedroom - this is not a luxury, but a necessity, therefore, it may be still hard to make a choice.

Buy Dressers in New York Furniture Outlets online store

If you want to buy a dresser in an online store, then you have come to the right place. We offer not only the most affordable prices online, but also good delivery and shipping conditions. New York Furniture Outlets offers FREE US Mainland Delivery by reliable shipping provider. However, the main advantage of buying from us is a wide range of dressers for every taste. We cooperate only with time-tested manufacturers, whose products receive a lot of recommendations every day. You only need to determine the parameters that your future chest of drawers should have - materials, sizes, functionality - and nothing at all. In case if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! We are always ready to answer all your questions. If it's hard for you to make a choice, you can always consult our qualified managers who will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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