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Shelves and Bookcases

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World computerization did not affect true connoisseurs of books that buy or receive as a gift new copies and exclusive editions. Sooner or later book lovers come across the issue of storing the collected library, and an excellent solution to this problem is the bookcase and shelves, which can be installed anywhere: in any of the rooms, in a niche or to make a built-in structure. Also do not forget that any bookcase should be ventilated.

Basic types of bookcases

Closed-type bookcase is perfect for those who want to reliably protect books from dust, sunlight, moisture and mold. But this design has a number of drawbacks: a closed bookcase will look good only in a large room, and in a small room it will be a less attractive interior element. To improve the appearance can only be one way - the use of mirror or glass doors in bookcases instead of the usual ones. Glass protects books from external factors, and thanks to its refinement, it will also decorate the room. Owners of small apartments should buy a bookcase of open type. It has light appearance, thanks to which it will fit well into the interior of even a small room. A distinctive feature of the open design is that the bookcase can be used to store not only books, but also a variety of decorative items and interior decorations, which will allow you to decorate the room, saving space.

Buy bookcase and shelves for books online

For the library and children's room, an invisible purchase will be a bookcase, which can be purchased at the furniture store NY Furniture Outlets. We have assembled various models in classic and bright colors, which gives our customers the opportunity to choose the best option for any interior design. For each room and a certain collection of books will need your own bookcase, determine the choice will help a wide rang of our online catalog of furniture:

Classic bookcase with closed compartments - bookcases with different types and style. It can consist from separate shelves, closed with wooden doors, internal storage for storing leaflets and magazines, as well as places limited by glass partitions and doors;

Book shelves - if you want to buy a cheaper, pay attention to open designs with 1 or more columns of shelves. Such products do not provide for closing doors, suitable for children's rooms, libraries and reading rooms;

Combined models - wardrobes, combined with storage cases for books, this is a good choice for a small children's room;

Showcases - showcases for public places or large home libraries. They are translucent models with glass doors, in such cabinets it is convenient to store elite rare works of art, collectible works of works and so on.

The longer we live, the more nice things we accumulate around: books, photo albums, favorite utensils, all kinds of collections. All these things are important for us, wake up pleasant memories, are a matter of pride, but at the same time a problem arises: where to store all of them?

The answer to this question is very simple: you need to choose shelves and bookcases - they will allow you to place all your favorite things in the most convenient way. In the online store NY Furniture you can buy shelves and bookcases, which are ideal for your living room and will perfectly fit into the overall style of the room.

Benefits of buying shelves and bookcases in NY Furniture Outlets store

If you decide to buy wall shelves, NYF offers several advantages for the convenience of your choice:

Wide range of bookcases - the site presents shelves and bookcases of various configurations and forms: corner, stacked, display cases and classic bookcases - you have a lot of options to choose what you really like; Huge selection of models - we can buy a bookcase of a book-size and shape, choose the preferred color and design design. The catalog includes classic models and designer novelties.

Various color options - We have huge selection of furniture in different color options from the general style of your living room - in our catalog you can choose hinged shelves that perfectly match the rest of the headset; Safe environment - all shelves and bookcases presented in our online furniture catalogue passed manufacturer quality control. Bookcases and shelves from the NY Furniture Outlets are made of natural harmless materials - for their production and finishing are used non-toxic mixtures and varnishes. All products meet the quality certificates and can be used to decorate children's rooms and public places; Customer Service - our staff will help you decide on the size and shape of the shelves and advise the most suitable furniture - just call, and get an answer to any questions.

Shelves and bookcases prices

When choosing furniture, the cost factor is always important. On what does the price of shelves depend and how to choose an acceptable one?

Materials used in the assembly: type of wood, cherry or black oak - everything will affect the final account; Manufacturer: there can be difference in price between the famous brand furniture and less known brands, also the country of origin;

Very low price for furniture is not always a guarantee of quality: good, safe materials are more expensive, which affects the cost of furniture in general; NY Furniture Outlets is the official dealer of the largest home furniture manufacturing companies, which allows us to maintain prices at the warehouse level.

Comparing the prices for Shelves and Bookcases in different places, remember: the quality and safety of materials is not something to save on.

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