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End Tables

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A stylish side table is a complement to the interior, it is a bright accent in any room and a convenient place to place a cup of coffee, a book or a table lamp. It is able to implement several functions. Its main purpose - the area for the location of various small household things. Also on this piece of furniture you can put vases, flower bouquets and various interior accessories.

Side table for living rooms - style and comfort

End and side tables can be placed near the wall in the form of a stand, near the sofas, under a mirror, they are often installed to visually divide the room. The main difference between the side table and the coffee table is its height - first one is much larger. For example, the surface of the side table is often located at the level of the armrests. In addition to storing things, it is convenient to use it as a tray for eating. C-shaped models in the make it possible to place them at sofas in the most convenient way.

The side and end tables are often located on the side of the sofa (end tables) or near the wall(side tables), on which you can put a phone, a book or blanket. They can replace bedside tables.

The side table for the laptop is compact, miniature, does not take up much space, it can be placed near the wall, by the window. There are convenient end tables that allow you to work on your home computer even comfortably sitting on the couch.

Common are transformation tables for a laptop, which have the ability to adjust the height. They can be easily hidden on purpose. Such small tables are excellent furniture for working or training environment.

Unlimited possibilities of compact furniture

The side table for living rooms is a compact piece of furniture that allows you to create a cozy interior in any residential environment. In the dining area this laconic furniture product will perfectly cope with the task of placing dishes with different drinks. Equipped with wheels with stoppers, models are an alternative to the serving counterpart.

Due to their compactness and mobility, such a piece of furniture fits perfectly into any design and becomes its decoration and integral part. He is a valuable assistant in the living room, bedroom, hallway, dining room or kitchen

Side table

Multifunctional side table for living rooms can act as a stand for the convenient arrangement of personal belongings - a mobile phone, a notebook or a case with glasses. If you want to organize a meal in front of the TV, you can use it as a stationary tray, where you can conveniently place plates, cups and other dishes. It perfectly fits the design of different functional areas in the house: a reading corner, a workshop for needlework, a sleeping, working and study place.

The side table for living rooms is a furniture product that can easily solve the problem of a lack of space in the house for newspapers, consoles, magazines and other interior items. The side and end tables can perform the functions of a multitude of other furniture, as different models are supplemented with compartments for storing magazines, miniature drawers and hooks.

If you want to use this piece of furniture as a laptop stand, you should stop the choice on the product with the ability to adjust the height and position of the countertop. Most models have a simple U-shaped design that allows you to install this piece of furniture anywhere in the room. This is an optimal solution for the arrangement in small apartments, where every detail of the interior must perform a specific functional task.

If you want to refresh the familiar atmosphere in the house, you should pay attention to non-trivial models with structures that visually resemble the following figures:

  • cube;
  • hemisphere;
  • Z-shape;
  • silhouette of the dollar;
  • Infinity sign.

Original furniture products are distinguished in the interior with features futuristic style or pop art. The side table for living rooms with rectilinear details is an integral part of the furnishings of the house, embodying the aesthetics of classical, minimalistic and other design styles. New York Furniture Outlets has collected a wide range of end and side table for living roomss, of various styles and colors.

Side table for any interior

Is the table suitable for my interior? This question is asked by everyone who is going equip their house with coziness and style. The answer is simple - yes! Since the side table for living rooms is available in any color and any shape, it is suitable for every interior. Walnut, beech, oak, mahogany, white, black, dark brown, red, blue - for any interior there is a suitable option! The choice of materials is also unlimited: along with the use of glass or classical wood, there are also models made of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or chipboard.

You can also choose any shape: from a classic round, square or triangular model to modern and futuristic end tables. The table can be bought at any furniture store. Designer side tables are becoming increasingly popular and give the room the unique style.

End table for the living room

Absolute classics among the side tables - end table, which is an integral part of almost any living room. In the evening after work we like to relax in front of the TV and in order not to get up again, we lay out everything you need on the end table: control panels, program of telecasts, mobile phone.

And if you decorate it with a bouquet of flowers, a tablecloth and other decorative elements, then this piece of furniture will definitely become a bright and stylish accent in the room.

Multifunctional end tables

Are you looking for a table with additional features? And this desire can be fulfilled, thanks to the fact that the side table for living rooms or coffee table can provide additional storage space in the form of drawers, shelves or an integrated magazine rack. The table on the wheels can easily be moved to the desired place or even hidden, if it is no longer needed. If you buy a table, the height of which can be adjusted, it can be used even as a dining table!

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