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Accent Tables

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Accent table is a piece of furniture main characteristic and function of which is to emphasise the rooms interior design. This actually describes the origin of the name, why these pieces of furniture are called “accent”. Its main function is to add colors, shape, and excitement into your room. The accent tables, while having primary decorative functions helps “filling” the room with decor and provide more style into the interior.

While the main function of the accent tables is to decorate the room, it also can have practical purpose. It can handle a cup of coffee or newspaper, serve as a place for laptop and comfortable place to work sitting on the sofa. Than combined all these functions, make accent tables indispensable pieces of furniture.

Round and square, big and small, accent tables available in our online store include console tables, end and side tables, coffee tables and coffee table sets.

Console tables

The console tables regain the popularity again as a good element of the decoration of the premises. If you need to fill a room with furniture, without piling it, the console table will have to come in handy. Small in size, but at the same time refined and functional, it will give charm to your room.

Modern consoles are mostly made in the old classical or even palace style, but they will appeal to the taste and lovers of minimalism, as they become an exquisite addition to any interior. As before, today consoles are used mainly as a stand for flowers or as decorative works of art. In the tabletop of a console table can be mounted a small box that can be used for storing miniature things. Consoles are present in the assortment of both American and European companies. In our catalog you can choose different products by design, form and materials.

End and side tables

Discover our collection of stylish modern accent tables. The accent table from NY Furniture Outlets is an excellent addition to the interior of your house. End and side tables are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. In our stores you will find a suitable model for any room. Our elegant tables are not only a stylish element of the interior, but also convenient for storing blankets, magazines or pillows; they are also a modern home accessory for your living room. Our choice of models varies from thin, elegant tables, to large, prominent end tables with drawers. There are huge range of models available in different colors to match your vision of the interior. Choose your new side table so that it matches a comfortable designer chair or a high-quality sofa from our collection. Our accent tables can easily give your home an individual style.

Coffee tables

Think about a cup of coffee? Clean and laconic or with additional functions, coffee tables - it's much more than just a place for magazines or a stand for a coffee pot. Our coffee tables are not only beautiful, but also offer the perfect storage solutions. Many models are equipped with functional built-in storage compartments. The top of the table can be raised and adjusted in height to use it for lunch, reading or entertainment. This "two-in-one" option is available for some models.

The accent table is not only a beautiful addition to furniture in the living room - it is also a multi-functional piece of furniture. The coffee table can serve as a mini dining table, carrying snacks or tea for the family evening time. It can also be a handy table, on which it is convenient to store the remote from the TV, newspapers or magazines, you can put on it a telephone, a vase of flowers. And if this table has an additional shelf under the table top, then it becomes a place for storing all kinds of small things that should be "at hand".

Accent tables can be different in style: classical, modern or contemporary. Modern accent tables made of metal and glass. Also differ in overall dimensions, from miniature to long enough and convenient for a small buffet table. Right coffee table will help to determine the general setting of the living room and the free space of the room.

Coffee tables are appropriate in almost any room, regardless of its area and purpose. Accent tables can serve not only for storing handy items, but also serve as a serving table in the dining room. In the living room on it you can put an aquarium, and in the office - the collection details of the interior. In our online store there are coffee tables on wheels that will suit you in every way. Wide range of coffee tables offered in our shop for sure will delight even the most capricious customer.

Coffee table sets

What can be better than one coffee table? A set of accent tables! While one accent table can serve a place for some handy items near the sofa, but the several coffee table sets can do real magic with the interior of your living room! In addition to the main decorative function of the coffee table set, it also can solve multiple tasks at once. When one accent table can be a single solution, a 2- or 3-piece coffee table set can fix multiple problems at once. Full set of coffee tables can find a place for decorative vases, be a perfect place to put snacks and drinks while sitting in front of TV, and at the same time be a stand for a phone or some media equipment.

Where to buy accent tables

If you are looking for where you can buy inexpensive accent tables, we offer a wide range accent tables to buy online in our furniture store.

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