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Home Furniture by VIG Furniture

VIG Furniture

VIG Furniture - your favourite furniture brand

Italian furniture is not only an advanced design and high-quality materials, it is also an unusual style of furniture, whether it is soft furniture or cabinet. The VIG furniture company is presented in our inline catalogue with a variety of furniture collections. The general concept of the brand is the delivering the maximum quality of furniture at any price range.

VIG Furniture, Inc. is a brand of high quality furniture produced in more than 10 countries of the world. VIG furniture cooperates with the best furniture manufacturers, many of which have exclusivity agreements with the brand. VIG Furniture Inc. product range includes from mid to high end modern, transitional, contemporary, traditional and classic home furniture famous for  their exceptional quality, trendy look, practical features and affordable prices.

European Furniture by VIG for your home

Vig Furniture is one of most dynamic developing furniture brands in all of the United States. The brand is represented by a variety of furniture retailers in the US and overseas. The wide selection of furniture products is created to fit the preferences of the most people. Every sofa, chair or table sold under the VIG brand is featured by high quality of materials and assembly. As the official website of the VIG furniture says their mission is to create unique furniture pieces, that will look good and at the same time will be affordable to the majority. Every VIG furniture piece is inspired by the best practices of Italian, French, German, Swiss and Danish furniture designers.
Italian furniture company VIG Furniture is famous throughout the world for the durability of designs and the relevance of design. Soft furniture VIG is made of hardwoods and mainly with upholstery made of genuine leather. The most luxurious models of sofas are made of crocodile leather, their price starts from $ 10,000. But as was said before, Vig furniture also has the cheaper and affordable options available for everybody. As a rule, VIG couches do not have folding mechanisms, because they are not intended for sleep, they are used solely as a place for rest.

Latest Furniture Fashion from Vig Furniture

VIG furniture started it journey into the furniture market in cooperation with other furniture wholesalers and manufacturers. After of few years the company changed the marketing strategy, offering the furniture in a variety of styles, options, colors and price range. Vig furniture managed to create the widest product range, featuring over six thousands items, some of which are fully customizable. The furniture catalogue is continuously updated with new furniture pieces. This strategy allowed VIG furniture to succeed, following the latest furniture fashion allows the company to be always in trend. Even more Vig furniture from the original goal of following the furniture trends, evolved into the furniture newsmaker and trendsetter, offering the market the own designs made by the best manufacturers and furniture designers.

Eco-friendly home furniture by VIG

VIG collections is not just furniture, it's a high-quality masterpieces, the chairs from the VIG product range include the recliner chairs, the sofas have the same option. Material for furniture upholstery varies, and can be leather, fabric or artificial materials. It is not surprising, why Italian furniture has always been famous for its quality of upholstery. From it’s start to the future, VIG furniture is making its way into manufacturing the best and the most trendy furniture, making it at maximum efficiency, eco-friendly and QA.

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