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Dining Room Sets

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How to choose dining room set

If you like having breakfast with your family, lunch or dinner, sharing the news of the past day, then a complete set of table and chairs for the kitchen will definitely come in handy. Of course, you can eat with the whole family at any table, sitting on chairs, bought at different times and in different places, or that remained from the previous sets of furniture, but much nicer, if they are in the same style and fit organically into the design of the dining room.

If you are already decided on the place where the future dining room set will be located, you can proceed with the choice of design and materials. If your dining room or living room is designed in a classical style (solid buffets, furniture slides or sideboards, curtains on windows, a chandelier with pendants), then the table and chair must necessarily be made from a natural wood. Stopping on the style of "modern" or Hi-Tech, you can allow more space for imagination: furniture can be made of glass, metal, marble and even plastic. The Internet store NY Furniture Outlets is ready to offer you an extensive assortment of modern, classical and contemporary dining room furniture. We deliver our goods Nationwide with FREE delivery for US Mainland.

A high-quality, stylish dining room sets will additionally decorate your kitchen, delivering aesthetic pleasure from the time spent on it.

Table shape as one of the main parameters

Firstly, determine the shape and size of the table. Being, in fact, a barometer of the family climate, the round table, for example, symbolizes the democratic character and cohesion of family members, since all the seats are equal to him. The oval table already assumes the separation of the host and hostess from the general circle, pointing to their exceptional position. Such tables were very popular in medieval Europe, where up to 30 people could gather for it. The same function is performed by rectangular tables with clearly marked "chair" seats at the ends. The most popular, but, nevertheless, the original tables are square.

Dining room sets designs and materials

In addition to the shape, the dining room sets differ in design: from a simple one with a solid table top to a sliding transformer table. The tables differ in the number of legs: from the usual four to one central leg with a wide support area, as well as various shaped pedestals that perform the functions of the legs. Worktops can be made of solid wood, covered with special compounds, unbreakable tempered glass and other materials.

Features of choice of chairs and tables

It is very important that the chairs around the table are in harmony with it, and ideally they are fragments of a single headset, where the design of the chairs is initially tied to the design of the table. In this case, care should be taken only that the upholstery of the chairs does not dissonant with other elements of upholstered furniture - with curtains or with a soft corner. The shape of the chairs emphasizes the design of the entire interior. High wooden backs will give your dining room a strict academic appearance. Soft backrests, upholstered with fabric will remind you of the magnificent and exquisite Rococo style. A chair, made with the latest technology with the use of modern materials, will emphasize your individuality and the desire for style.

In our online store you can pick up and buy sets of tables and chairs for almost every taste

Why you should buy a dining room set

When choosing and buying any furniture, including dining room, everyone is guided not only by their wishes and to their taste, but also by financial possibilities. Buy table and chairs for the dining room separately is sometimes more profitable and cheaper, but then you lose those advantages that have unified sets of tables and chairs for the kitchen, offered by the New York Furniture Outlets online store.

Will it be nice to be on it if the interior is tasteless? Of course not! A single dining room set allows you to emphasize the unity of style and your taste. The dining room sets offered by our online furniture catalogue are made of high-quality, reliable and safe materials and in a modern design. They will delight you for many years not only with aesthetic beauty, but also with the lack of the need to buy new furniture because of the breakdown of the old one. The wide range of products will allow you to easily find an ideal fit in the existing interior. All the dining sets are made of the same materials and are designed in a single design. The range of living room sets offered by our online furniture catalogue can satisfy any buyer who adheres to the classical style or who wants to decorate his kitchen in modern design.

To receive detailed information on the set you are interested you can on the page of its description, where are indicated:

  • the sizes of chairs and a table;
  • material of manufacture;
  • color and other characteristics.

Looking for a set for dining room at affordable price?

Our catalog is full of beautiful dining sets, but do not choose to rely only on your own taste. It should be remembered that any furniture should be a good match with other interior items. If the dining room is decorated in the Classical style, it will be recommended to choose appropriate dining room furniture set.. The New York Furniture Outlets is the place that you can visit at any time. At the same time, nothing will distract from the right choice. It is quite convenient in this case to choose dining furniture for the house, comparing the photos offered in the catalog with the available interior of the premises. In one store, a table and chair sets prices can have different, even if they are from similar series. First of all, such a difference in cost is due to the use of other materials in its composition. In any case, all models are pre-tested and tested for strength, resistance to external influences. Online store New York Furniture Outlets offers furniture from the world's leading manufacturers, which took into account all modern trends in design and design. At the same time, the price for the "Table and Chairs" sets is one of the most convenient. Buy a set of dining room furniture at New York Furniture Outlets!

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