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Bedside table - a comfortable island of privacy

A bedside table is a useful and convenient thing for a bedroom. The interior of the room will not be complete if your bed is not accompanied with Nightstands. After all, on the Nightstand you can leave an unread book until the morning, place a glass of water and, possibly, your medicines, alarm clock, telephone, lamp and much more that you need to have at hand even at night.

A Nightstand is at the same time a personal space where intimate things can be stored, to which there should be no access to other family members, the inhabitants of the house. That is why, most models of bedside tables, regardless of size, have drawers, drawers, niches, shelves.

Decide on the size of bedside tables: big and small nightstands 

In order to successfully buy a bedside table, you need to determine the size of the free space near the bed and the height of the bed itself. It does not matter, if there are not enough places, designers, made every effort to create Nightstands suitable for any situation. And on sale there are narrow, and wide, and high, and small and even, corner bedside tables!

Advantageous prices for Nightstands

There is no need to discard this element in the interior, because of its modest capacity, the small size of the bedroom will not be a problem. In addition, Nightstand also has its advantages.

Now these products have become so familiar in our bedrooms that it seems they already exist forever. The first Nightstands appeared in medieval Italy. A beautiful southern country has given us a lot of novelties, which have now become irreplaceable attributes for the modern man. But they were widely spread only after this small, but such useful furniture, was appreciated in its neighbor by the legislator of the French fashion. Now this piece of furniture can be universally met not only in hotels, hospitals or holiday homes, but in almost every city apartment. Many people imagine them in the form of an ordinary square piece of furniture, equipped with several drawers. But now there are so many variations of the Nightstands that they offer the consumer the variety of shape and color choices.

Types of modern bedside tables

Nightstand with drawers. This option is still the most common in our homes. It can also successfully replace a simple dressing table. Those people who do not like ultra-trendy solutions will easily find such furniture very convenient and useful.

Open bedside tables. They also look good in our bedrooms. You do not need to push a box to get the right book for something else outside. If you have nothing to hide from children or prying eyes, then this furniture will be an excellent addition to the wardrobe. Unless you have to wipe your things a little more often from the ubiquitous dust.

Nightstand with pull-out table. It will become an indispensable subject for those who care for sick people. When it is hard for a person to get up at a dinner table, you can simply turn a comfortable small tabletop to his bed. After taking meals, the tabletop quickly returns to the starting position and the bedside table takes its initial compact form. But ordinary people will like these products. Very often we want to drink coffee or eat a sandwich, without getting out of bed. Such furniture allows you to do this with amenities. In addition, it is done not only in the usual "hospital" option. There are pretty beautiful Nightstands that look so far uncommon, but they are very beautiful and functional.

Console bedside tables. All are accustomed to the fact that the Nightstands for the bedroom should always be on the floor. But after all the consoled version also looks stylish and it is very convenient to use. Such a thing takes much less space, but it can fit the minimum that a person needs - a newspaper, a book, a medicine, a glass of water or a wristwatch. Some of them are performed not just in the form of an original shelf, but also have a closed box where you can put something personal, hiding it not only from dust, but also from prying eyes.

Trendy bedside table. These light, functional and unusual-looking pieces of furniture immediately attract the eye. They can be made in the form of a glass cube, ladder, pyramid or have a different design. The glamorous furnishings of the bedroom will be complemented by an elegant piece of mirror or glass. Those same people who prefer minimalism will appreciate crafts made of shiny plastic or chrome. Some people manage to adapt the most unexpected objects for these purposes. If you like to take risks and are not afraid of novelty, you can even make such a thing yourself from old things and improvised material, pleasantly surprising the result of your experiment with relatives and acquaintances.

Not without reason, many people call these items of furniture the keepers of our dreams and secrets. Those things that we put in them, much can tell us about their owners. In the bedside cabinet, we often keep the most necessary and valuable things for ourselves. Without this convenient and functional device, the bed looks somewhat lonely. For a bedroom set it becomes an important complementary furniture, and the right choice and good taste will help you quickly transform your usual bedroom.

For example, since most of the Nightstands have a small size and a simple design, they can be bought relatively cheaply. The price of models may vary, first of all, depending on the material and manufacturer. In our online furniture store we try to provide the best prices and customer service.

Features of model selection

When making your choice, pay attention to the style and design of the nightstand. This small piece of furniture often performs a unifying function, giving a holistic view to the furniture saturation of the bedroom. And, if your bedroom, then the bedside cabinet should provide a visual smooth transition from the bed to the rest of the interior. That's why the fabrication material and the color solution of the bedside table are so important.

In our catalog you will find a lot of original options and classic Nightstands, which enable you to successfully cope with any interior task and get a lot of benefits from this small piece of furniture.

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