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Rocker Recliner

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When creating an interior, it is very important to find a balance between modern technological innovations and classic design solutions. This harmonious combination perfectly characterizes today's popular rocker recliners. Rocker Recliners - armchairs, equipped with rocking mechanism and backrest with a changing slope and footboard, the height of which also adapts to the position of a person.

Such a design was invented by cousins ​​- the Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker back in 1928. It was in Michigan, and the very first chair was created in a garage. A little later, the inventors patented their model, improving it and launching a mass production under the brand "La-Z-Boy".

Is it worth to buying a armchair recliner?

Since the appearance of the first such products, tens of years have passed, many new models have appeared with modern types of control (sensory, electronic). However, the principle remained the same - rocking mechanism and the ability to adjust the backrest with the footrest to provide a better position of the body. There are different types of position: in a sitting position, for example, the optimal angle for the inclination of the backrest is 100 degrees. But watching TV is more convenient if the backrest is tilted slightly lower - up to 110 degrees. And it's good when the legs are slightly raised with the footrest. Want to get a complete relaxation - lower the backrest even lower - degrees to 140. Well, and the support, respectively, must be raised higher.

There is no sane person that will refuse such comfort. Therefore, if there is a place in the apartment and financial possibilities, then this chair should be bought without hesitation. It can be a wonderful gift to elderly parents or a person experiencing problems with the spine. It is very useful to rest in the recliner and pregnant women - the swollen legs will stop buzzing, and the back will receive relief and rest.

Modifications and types of products

The choice of the position of the chair takes place either mechanically or using an automatic system that is controlled by the remote. There are variety of options of remote controls that can be wired (connected to the chair using a cable) or wireless. The second type is more practical, but chairs of this type are much pricey. A characteristic feature of the armchair-recliners is their classic strict design and upholstery made of natural or artificial materials (leather or PU), so they will perfectly fit into the room with any interior.

The most simple rocker recliner chairs are equipped with a mechanical device that controls the backrest and footboard. It can trigger when pressing on the backrest or driven by a separate lever. The footrest, in turn, is advanced in one of numerous ways: telescopic, unfolding (like a book) or sliding mechanism.

In addition to mechanical rocker recliner chairs, electric models are produced, that is, with electric drive. They do not require any physical effort to transform. Control is either using a button, or a remote control that allows you to remember your favorite chair positions and repeat them in a matter of seconds. There are also chairs with a touch control - these rocker recliners have sensor elements in the armrests.

It's worth mentioning some convenient additional options that some manufacturers equip their models with. For example, it's a good idea if the chair can rotate 360 degrees around vertical axis. There are even chairs, where a built-in heating or massager. And for music lovers there are models with audio systems.

Elderly people can buy an rocker recliner with a built-in lift, from which it will be much easier to get up.

Features of rocker recliner

The choice of rocking armchairs with the rocker recliner mechanism is wide enough and diverse, and therefore manufacturers are trying to equip a line of such furniture with various additional options, among which you can distinguish:


  • built-in massager (some models can have up to 40 different modes);
  • audio system;
  • heating;
  • anatomical structure of the back and seat, exactly repeating the contours of the body;
  • The presence of a memory card and a device that stores the most comfortable position of the chair.

Why it is so comfortable?

In the rocker recliner chairs have ultimate comfort features achieved by:


  • the transformation is performed in several ways - leaving the footrest in the form of a paddock from below the bottom of the product or moving to the horizontal position of the lower part of the seat;
  • the change in the angle of inclination of the backrest is performed with the help of body movements and fixation in the desired position by means of the handle of the mechanism;
  • when the backrest is deflected, the soft and wide headrest of the recliner chair supports the head in a comfortable position while watching TV, reading a book or sleeping;
  • the design of the model helps to relax and relieve stress due to the arrangement in anatomically correct position.

The upholstery for the recliner chairs is usually the natural or faux leather in different colors - from a neutral light to a solid dark shade. The material is ideal for respectable models and adds them elements of chic.

Laconic forms, universal design allow you to choose and buy a model for both home and office interior. Rocker recliners of the New York Furniture Outlets will add elements of solidity to the head office, pomposity to the fireplace hall, respectability to the home office, coziness of the living room. The absence of an obligatory decor allows them to harmoniously fit in both modern and classic interior.

The recliners presented by New York Furniture Outlets have an upholstery of exceptional softness, achieved thanks to processing, carried out using special technology. In the catalog there are models of any growth group, which guarantees the selection of the product of the necessary parameters. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our contact center. For the comfortable purchase of the rocker recliner chair, the company provides various payment methods and to-door delivery.

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