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Sofa Beds for Sale Online

It is so easy to buy a sofa bed online today! New York Furniture Outlets offers a wide range of couch beds on any budget. Each sleeper sofa is furnished with reliable and durable conversion mechanisms. Comfortable and reliable, couch beds have a functional sleeping place for a comfortable night's sleep. For you, a large selection of additional options and a wide range of models to choose from!

It is impossible to imagine a modern living room without a soft couch, where you can relax, have a cup of tea or coffee, read or watch TV. The sofa for all of us is a kind of symbol of home comfort and coziness. Therefore, it is very important that this piece of furniture fits well into the overall interior of the room, it is convenient and reliable. Sleeper couches can be used in the living room or bedroom. Sofa beds without armrests fit perfectly in small rooms. Sofa beds upholstery materials include a variety fabrics: microfiber, faux leather, chenille, linen, cotton, etc. For the couch beds located in the living rooms is better to choose leather or faux leather, but if there are the pets in the house, you can choose the wear resistant materials. Choosing the right sectional sofa bed may be not so simple. After all, sectional sofa bed models have both advantages and disadvantages.

Sofa bed - one of the essential pieces of furniture in any apartment. couch beds can decorate the living room, representing a cozy place for meeting guests and watching TV, and a cozy bed for sleeping. Sleeper sofa is the most popular option for apartments. Despite the variety of options presented in the stores, many models do not meet modern quality standards, and the prices for them are high enough to be to pricey for the big part of the customers. That’s why we pay attention to details when choosing sofas for sale in our online store.

Most people dream of a spacious house or apartment with several separate rooms. However, often, especially in the big cities, we do not have a spacious living space, and one room solve many different tasks in functionality. In this situation, it is important to take care of the choice of furniture, since it will be used every day and perform several functions at once: serve as a place for rest, leisure and daily sleep. In this situation, the ideal solution is to buy a sleeper couch.

Features & Benefits of Sofa Beds

Sofa-bed - a model that is ideal for situations where furniture is chosen to solve multiple problems. One of its main advantages is that it is perfect for daytime rest and family gatherings and does not take up much space, but at night it is easily and quickly transformed into a spacious and comfortable place to sleep. A modern sleeper sofa from a trusted manufacturer by the quality of sleeping place in comparable with orthopedic double bed, but it surpasses regular beds by functional capabilities. You will save precious space in the room and get additional storage space without losing quality of rest and sleep.

Wide range of sleeper sofas by New York Furniture Outlets

New York Furniture Outlets offers everyone the opportunity to purchase couches from the manufacturer that meets all the necessary requirements. The range of our sofas allows you to choose the right piece of furniture for a small bedroom, and for a luxurious living room. The models of sofas presented by our online furniture catalogue can be divided into three main groups, differing by the mechanism of transformation: Clic-clac sofa bed - This mechanism has been the most popular for many years: it is very convenient and does not require any effort in the transformation. It is enough to lift the sitting part of the sofa to turn it into a bed; Pull-out sofa bed - sales of pull-out couches are growing rapidly - they combine a simple transformation and a large sleeping place, while remaining an incredibly convenient and compact piece of furniture when folded; Lift-and-pull sofa bed - This mechanism of transformation is the most complex, but, nevertheless, it has advantageous sides. When using it, you can not worry about the condition of the floor covering - the legs of the couch do not scratch it.

Advantages of sofa beds from New York Furniture Outlets

Sofa bed - an advantageous solution for creating a harmonious and cozy home environment. But how to choose a worthy model that will be inexpensive to cost, and meet all your requirements? The company New York Furniture Outlets offers couches from reliable materials made using advanced technologies. We offer our customers a large number of advantages:

  • optimization of costs and direct cooperation with suppliers of materials allows us to keep convenient prices for couches;
  • among our developers - best designers that create real furniture masterpieces;
  • the catalog of goods is regularly updated;
  • all products presented in the online store have a quality guarantee;
  • fast delivery of your purchase to any place.

Buy sofa beds online

More detailed information and technical characteristics of each product are indicated in the detailed product description. If you are going to buy a sleeper sofa online with Nationwide delivery, we recommend that you to buy high quality sleeper couch from our furniture catalog. Our contact support center will always provide you with qualified help and consultation in those issues that are of most interest to our clients. We work 7 days a week to provide the best service for our customers!

We always adhere to the highest standards of customer service, because the customer satisfaction is our top priority. The purchase process of new couch should always be easy and usefull, and the online furniture store New York Furniture Outlets guarantees to do everything so that you get great pleasure from each order and come back to us again.

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