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Bar Tables and Sets

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Today, a popular trend is to create a bar zone in the house or office. Making this space is a difficult and time-consuming process. The correct selection of bar furniture and style of the interior ensures the creation of a hospitable and cozy atmosphere, which will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time. The modern bar furniture is an important function for zoning and arrangement of a comfortable space. In addition, bar furniture should complement and complete the interior design. Make the room even more stylish, functional and comfortable will help of bar tables and sets. We offer our customers fashionable bar tables, stools and sets, which differ in shape, style and size. Bar tables and sets are high quality, practical and durable. Such characteristics will allow bar furniture to retain its original appearance for a long time and provide you with a good reputation.

Why you should buy bar tables and sets?

The need for a bar counter for the kitchen is obvious if it is planned to be used exclusively for its intended purpose. You can easily create an atmosphere of a bar party without spending extra time and money, while enjoying home warmth and comfort. Behind the bar for the kitchen, it's nice to be with everyone, without exception: you can taste treats, talk "tet-a-tete". Bar counter - a practical find for modest in size kitchens. Correctly selected, it, in addition to its main role, will help significantly save space. The main advantage of such a bar counter for the kitchen is multifunctionality: it can be a dining room or a cutting table, a storage for glasses, utensils, various kitchen utensils. This furniture piece is a great opportunity to create an original interior, especially in studio apartments. The charm of the bar for the kitchen is in its "separative" ability. Performed in a variety of styles and colors, it is able to effectively highlight the zones, filling the room with maximum comfort, translate the attention of those present to important accentuated interior details

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Bar tables and sets are characterized by increased durability and design style. Traditional furniture items of this category include bar tables and sets. The choice of bar tables and sets is carried out taking into account the concept of the company, the features of the interior situation and the focus of the overall style of the home. Choosing furniture bar tables and stools in the style of "high-tech" Minimalism, "techno", "high-tech" - the most common design styles used by specialists in the decoration of bars. This is due not only to the general preference for fashion trends, but also to the rational nature of the interior situation. Glass and metal furniture does not require special care, meets the standards of ecology and sanitary hygiene, has an attractive appearance. A minimum of decor elements, ergonomic design of tables and chairs, a small weight of interior items - those valuable qualities of furniture of urban design, which determined their high popularity in public interiors.

How to choose bar tables?

Bar tables in the rooms, stylized in the high-tech style, are ergonomic designs, the frame part of which is made of chrome-plated steel, the table top is made of tempered glass (transparent, matt, color). Tables with a round tabletop are chosen for small rooms, rectangular and square models - for spacious cafes with a full menu. Wooden tables and massive bar stools with wooden backs - traditional furniture for pubs. Tables on one supporting metal stand are the most convenient option, since this design allows for a high-quality wet cleaning. Transparent and mirrored tables look very nice and stylish. There is another side to the map: they get dirty very quickly. Wiping these tables will have many times a day. In addition, they do not have strong scratch resistance. Nothing worth breaking or breaking such a bar table. Therefore, a lot of food, drinks and other items should not be put on it. Wooden and metal tables are more durable. On the other hand, they do not look as beautiful as transparent ones. Wooden bar tables will withstand a large number of food and drinks and are ideal for loud parties where a large number of people will be present. As in the case of chairs, it is better to choose tables with a small number of extra parts. Welded metal stools look more aesthetically pleasing and is much stronger than bolts and nuts, which, most likely, will quickly loosen. If you still like the table with attachments, then check their strength. In principle, a good wooden bar table can serve as much as a metal ones. Bar tables and sets are characterized by high consumer properties and creative decoration. The company produces traditional bar stools with a round seat, high chairs on a support stand with a footrest, stools in the style of "loft". Stylish and unusual look bar stools with an unusual form of armchair - in the form of a petal or hemisphere. In the production of bar furniture our manufacturers use perforated metal, hardwood, high-tech plastic. As an upholstery used eco-leather in different colors - practical and beautiful material.

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If you are planning to buy bar furniture online, we recommend to consider the offers of our online store. The online furniture catalog presents a variety of forms and decorations of interior decoration. Bar table and sets price depends on several components: first of all, it is the actual cost of materials, secondly - the technologies used by the manufacturer, followed by the company's pricing policy, its reputation in the international market. NYF Outlets, continuously strengthening its positions on the online furniture market. Excellent quality, wide range of products, design diversity, availability of high quality furniture are the main advantages of furniture for bars sold in our shop. You can order furniture bar tables and sets with to-door delivery on the website of the Internet store of furniture NYF Outlets. The company regularly applies discounts on collections of past years - browse the online furniture catalog regularly to purchase goods at the lowest possible price.

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