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Acme Furniture

The history of the furniture manufacturer ACME has several decades. Several decades of development, overcoming, daily work of a large team of furniture makers, united by one goal - the creation of beautiful and high-quality furniture.

ACME has 6 branches located all over the country: New York, New Jersey, Miami, Atlanta, Texas and one certified distributor in Arizona. It should be noted that ACME furniture occupies the leading positions in the United States in the production of furniture, and it is one of the most popular furniture brand in the country. Concentration of furniture production in the region means a high level of competition. There is no time to relax, competitors are following, constantly developing new collections and raising the quality level. In conditions of such a dense competition, key to success is to offer furniture of only the highest quality and with a noble design.

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High quality furniture for the people - that’s how we can describe the niche that the factory occupied in the furniture market. Collections produced by the factory are made in different styles, but all of them, regardless of design and style, are made with personal approach. And it's not just about the quality of materials, assembly and accessories. Attention to details in the very approach of the furniture manufacture makes ACME one of the best on the market.

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ACME creates the furniture for customers who have a certain worldview, and an understanding of real life values, for people who love life, and who can create comfort for themselves and their loved ones.

This thoroughness and high quality is represented in the all ACME collections, regardless of the style or production time. This concept fully justified itself on the US market. Despite the strongest competition and a huge offer, ACME has taken a firm place among the best furniture makers in the country. The popularity of the factory grows every year, and not only in US, but also in other countries. Export of ACME furniture is increasing every year.

Wide range of ACME furniture

Today's offer of the ACME furniture is represented by 8 collections. It's not so much, for a factory with such a solid history. And this fact is also an indication of a balanced approach to the development of the model range. Each collection is hatched for a long time. Every detail is thought over, every nuance. The design process is accompanied by painstaking study of trends in the furniture market, the study of new technologies and materials, and work on mistakes. But in the cycle of technological innovations and fashion trends, designers of the factory never lose the main idea - high quality of the products. Sometimes this is perceived as excessive conservatism, but it takes several years, and it comes to understand that everything is done right.

Any collection of the ACME furniture will always look trendy.