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The sectional sofa in the living room is not only a comfortable and functional piece of furniture, but also a style-building element that gives the room a touch of good taste. Living room sectional sofas help to transform even the most modest interior, to divide space into functional zones, to organize an additional sleeping place.

Living room sectional sofas

Usually a sectional sofa stands near the wall or in the middle of the room - the most traditional solutions implemented in most living rooms. Also, the sofa can consist of two parts, which can stand either side by side, either separately or from a large number of separate blocks, which can be made in the order in which it is necessary. Like the usual couches, the sectional ones differ not only constructively, but also the seat fillings and upholstery. In addition, sectional sofa beds models use a variety of mechanisms for converting there are also recliner models for extra comfort.

The main advantages of sectional couches:

  • With the same space occupied, there are more seats;
  • Has an original appearance, can become the main style-building element of the room;
  • Models have different shapes: L-shape, U-shape (3 piece sectionals), C-shape, curved sectional couches which makes it possible to arrange a soft sectional in the living room without using additional seats. This is especially important in small apartments;
  • Living room sectional sofa beds, can create additional sleeping places, on which can accommodate guests staying overnight.
  • A reliable and easy-to-use transformation mechanism that allows you to change the appearance and functionality.

Sectional sofa sizes

Living room sectional sofas help to avoid the use of additional seating furniture and save extra space. Practically for any room you can choose a suitable size model. The length of the sofa pieces varies, the depth of the seats, the backrest height. Each supplier of living room furniture has its own sizes of standard products, and there is no practical standards for the dimensions of sectional couches. Conditionally it is possible to divide all the variants into two groups in size: large and small.

Large living room sectional sofas are used in spacious rooms and, as a rule, zoned space. Suitable for large hospitable families, with many guests. It is advisable to choose models that form several beds.

Small sectional couches are in demand for small apartments, where often it is necessary to solve the problem of combining the sleeping area with a rest area. In small apartments placing ordinary sofa bed may be a problem, while a small sectional sofa will always fit. Small sectional sofa can help separating the sleeping place from the rest of the room, which immediately becomes much more comfortable. The design of the living room with a sectional sofa, even in such a compact version, looks original and expensive.

Sleeper sectionals for living room

Transformation mechanisms of sleeper sectionals

Good transformation mechanism helps to provide a comfortable sleep, the moving parts of the couch form even surface suitable for comfortable sleep. The most commonly used mechanisms are:

Pull-out sectional beds. The most common option for convertible sectionals. It comes forward, forms a flat surface, and, for all the complexity of the design, is considered one of the most reliable and durable. At the same time, even a child can unfold the bed to create sleeping space. Such a mechanism can be used on daily basis. The only drawback is the relatively high cost of models equipped with pull-out bed mechanisms.

Folding sectional bed. Quite popular cheap sectionial, as the design does not have complex mechanical parts. Pros - an affordable price, a large selection of standard sizes, very comfortable sleep.

Frame sectional sofa bed. Popular for couches of any form is the mechanism of transformation, which forms a fairly flat, without height difference in the sleeping surface. Durable and reliable, suitable for regular use.

Clic-clac. One of the simplest and most inexpensive mechanisms. Among the disadvantages can be called low strength and reliability, it is not recommended for everyday use, but it is perfect for living room sectionals that assume occasional use.

Lift-and-pull. This mechanism is durable, even with daily use it will last a long time. The main feature - when unfolding, no parts move along the floor, which eliminates floor scratching. This is especially important if the carpet is on the floor. The legs are simply lowered when the moving part reaches its extreme position. The sleeping surface is flat, comfortable and easy to convert.

Without the mechanism. A sectional couch for a large sized living room may not have a folding mechanism at all, if it consists of two or three separate parts that already form sleeping surfaces.

Special types of modular couches

There is a wide range of cheap sectionals for sale - almost every manufacturer has something of its own, original, so that the appearance of this subject can be chosen by personal taste. However, in some cases it is worthwhile to describe them in more detail.

Curved. If you need to zone the space using the sectional couch, the curved shape is most convenient. Curved sectionals can also be used for furnishing non-standard-shaped premises, for example, the furnishing of a recreation zone in a circular bay window.

Sectional chairs. Often, the L-shaped structures consist of two parts: a longer one, similar to a ordinary couch, and a short one, which can be used separately as a chair. Such models can be transformed into two sleeping spaces. Recently, the models are gaining popularity, some of which have recliner mechanisms - this can be relaxed and relaxed among the day.

Transformer. The design of the living room with a sectional sofa, assembled from separate elements, has a lot of advantages. At any time, you can drastically change the situation, from several parts you can collect several beds, or to attach a large couch to one another part. It is very convenient, and also corresponds to the latest trends in furniture fashion.

Sectionals for sale

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