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How should be the dining table? The main characteristics of dining table - it should be comfortable, functional, beautiful, in harmony with the rest of the furniture and roomy - after all, it should be large enough for the family and guests. If you are going to buy a dining table, the online store NY Furniture Outlets offers you a wide range of dining furniture from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers. In the catalog on our website you can find not only hundreds models of the most diverse designs from classic to modern, but also to choose the among a variety of different color options.

Buy kitchen tables online

The kitchen and dining room is a place where people spend up to a quarter of their lives. Therefore, everybody wants, this room to be as comfortable as possible. There are things without which you simply can not imagine the dining room: chairs and a dining table. If your dining area is in a classical style, then you can buy dining room table, which will harmoniously complement the interior. A wide color range will allow you to choose the right solution for your dining room or kitchen. We also offer you extendable versions of the dining tables. They are perfect for those days when your house will be filled with guests and will enable everyone to conveniently place at a meal. The price for such models is available to the buyer with an average salary. If your kitchen has a large perimeter, then it's best to look like a rectangular dining table. For smaller rooms, where all the furniture items are compactly placed, it is better to choose round or oval models, because they are easier to bend and look good. If the interior of the dining room or kitchen is made in high-tech, then the transparent surface will be the best choice!

Five tips for choosing dining table

The modern market offers us a huge selection of all kinds of furniture, including dining and kitchen tables, from a variety of manufacturers and at a different price. Here are a few things to remember about when choosing furniture:

  • choice is important. Look at the maximum number of options before stopping at one. Perhaps in the catalog of our store you will see a solution that is ideal for your dining room;

  • Think about functionality and make meticulous measurements. Unfortunately, the size of our rooms does not always allow us to place a big table. There can be found dining tables for small spaces like extendable models. Such models allow you to save space in the dining area every day;
  • determine the style of the kitchen table. We have prepared for our customers a wide variety of design solutions: round, oval, square table tops, legs straight and bent - we have you all the shapes and sizes of dining tables;
  • choose a color solution that will be combined with the overall concept of the room. We have tables presented in a variety of colors and shapes. Whether your kitchen is made of natural beech, dark apple or hazelnut - we will help you to choose a dining table that is ideal for color matching the rest of the furniture;
  • pay special attention to the environmental safety of your furniture. All products from our catalog have passed manufacturer quality controls. You can be sure that our furniture is made of pure materials on high-precision, modern equipment.

How to choose a dining table

In each of the rooms there is furniture of one name, but it performs a little different functions, and it looks different. For example, tables for the kitchen and for office, furniture is the same, but with many differences. It does not matter whether you want to buy cheap kitchen table or chose a model from the premium class, the main thing is that it fulfills its direct purpose and makes its owner happy. In addition to using this furniture to accommodate all family members at dinner.

Dining table for small interiors

When choosing furniture for a small surface, you need to decide what and where to place and what functions are required. If you correctly approach the selection of furniture elements of a small dining space, you can also save space for design tricks. Before you buy a dining table, consider in which part of the kitchen you want to place it, how many people you need to sit down with him, whether you want to feed them in the house of guests. In this article we will give you some useful advice, maybe they will help you. If your kitchen has a very small space, then we advise you to buy a round table, placing it in a corner, you will save precious meters, plus, you will visually expand the space. The absence of sharp corners makes the model stylish and comfortable. Choosing a round dining table is better to pay attention to the extentable option, because in a typical day it does not take up excess space, and when the guests come, without any problems it transforms into a large table where you can place everyone. If you want to create a feeling of lightness in the kitchen, the kitchen tables with transparent or light tops are perfect for these purposes. Considering the fact that the price for such design is affordable. Adding the metal design chairs will create the right atmosphere in the dining room.

Why to buy a kitchen table from NY Furniture Outlets

Our main rule is the constant expansion of the assortment of goods and the obligatory improvement of the quality of services accompanying your purchase. To its customers, NY Furniture Outlets online store offers the following advantages:

  • professional advice and support - we have an online chat and in it, or by phones listed on the site, our managers will gladly answer your questions: consult on materials and options, calculate the total amount of the order and;

  • delivery - NY Furniture Outlets offers FREE Nationwide delivery for United States Mainland, extra shipping fees may apply on delivery to Alaska and offshore territories;
  • payment - we accept a large number of payment options: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Paypal, etc.

So - if you decide to buy a kitchen table, go to our catalog: whatever model you choose, our store guarantees: you will receive quality goods as quickly as possible, and it will be for you and your family for many years to be happy.

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