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Console Tables

34 Console Tables found

The console table is in fact a functional piece of furniture that usually stands against the wall. As a rule, it serves as a place for beautiful designer vases, all sorts of trinkets in order to hide a dull life. You will not believe, but even unpretentious flowers will look harmoniously on the sofa table. Modern consoles are equipped with drawers. Another major detail of the beautiful console table is that sometimes it can be transformed into a dining table. For fans of hi-tech style, there are plastic and glass versions of sofa tables. Their counterpart is that they seem to be invisible in the air and thus save space. What is very good in small rooms. A small wooden sofa tables will find their lovers, if you decorate them with some design elements. Console tables will be appropriate in any house or apartment. Choose your version of the beautiful console and sofa table.

Wide range of console tables

The main advantage of the decorative console table for the living room is its compactness. In doing so, it can perform the functions of a side table, a table for a phone or a coffee table, and a chest of drawers. Modern consoles are laconic and functional. Drawers in the basement or whole curbstones allow you to store different things. The shelf, at the very bottom connecting the legs, can serve as a stand for newspapers, magazines and books. In the living room, the console table can serve as a stand for various media equipment. There are extendable tables, in which the table top can be transformed into a full dining table. The entryway table with a mirror can perform the functions of a dressing table. Do not forget about the purely aesthetic function of this piece of furniture. A decorative vase, or an original lamp, or a figurine of the finest porcelain, standing on an elegant cantilever table, will be an easy and effective touch, emphasizing the elegance and sophistication of the environment. Those who dream of a practical, multifunctional, but beautiful and elegant furniture, should think about buying a entryway table.

Console table in the living room - modern or classic

When choosing a wall table, pay attention to the interior of the room in which it will be located. If it is made in the classical style, it is better to choose the option made from hardwood with carvings of manual work.

The interior is made in a modern style? Then look at the furniture consoles made of wood or glass, which have a simplified design, without unnecessary decor, which emphasizes the versatility.

Advantages of console tables

Compactness - serve as a small table or bedside table for storing things, books, magazines; can become a working surface, where you can put various devices from flat tv to the home phone;

Functionality - can serve as a dressing table, where it is easy to arrange a large mirror, perfume and cosmetics;

Decorative function - it is enough to place on it a crystal vase or porcelain figurine to emphasize the interior style. The main advantage of wall tables and cantilever tables is their versatility. Almost any model perfectly fits into the bedroom, living room or hallway. Only on your preferences depends on whether the furniture will be functional or become an element of decor.

How to buy a console and sofa in the New York Furniture Outlets Store.

In the catalog you can select console tables of the following models:

Wall Mounted console table - may supported by two legs or even without legs, with the back side attached to the wall, most often serve as a decor of the room. These are the most compact models often used in hallways and living rooms;

Stand alone - tables that can be installed at the wall, behind the chair or sofa, and even in the center of the room.

We offer console tables of various shapes and colors, with a matte or glossy finish, with a skilful carving and figured legs, made of wood or metal, with a glass tabletop, the presence or absence of shelves and drawers. In the catalog of the store you will find what you need. Photos of sofa tables in the interior allows you to "try on" different models to the situation of your apartment or house. Laconic or defiantly luxurious, decorative or practical - the consoles will find their place in any room:

Entrance hall. An additional or hinged console table made of natural wood will be an excellent alternative to the traditional furniture group. The ensemble can be supplemented with an elegant umbrella stand, a coat rack, soft ottomans or carved stools.

Living room. The console can act as a "substitute" for a coffee table, and an independent art object. Shelf for your favorite houseplant or exhibition of works from beads - what to put on the stand, you will be prompted by a fantasy.

Bedroom. Dressing table will make the room more comfortable, and the area will help to divide the space into zones of creativity and relaxation. Kitchen. The original model-transformer is ideal for a small room. Occupying a minimum of space, the console table, if necessary, can be transformed into a full-fledged dining table.

Buy exclusive console tables in the furniture online shop

In the online store The Furnish you can buy exclusive console tables of premium class, made by leading world masters. The online catalog of the store presents both classic models and modern ones. Classic entryway tables ideally fit into interiors in the style of baroque and rococo. These are real luxury items made in the best traditions of Italian and French craftsmen of expensive natural materials, with exquisite finishes decorated with elaborate carvings and designer fittings. Modern sofa tables, presented in the online store, more practical and functional. Draw attention to models made from a solid teak: their simple design without unnecessary decorations emphasizes the versatility of this piece of furniture, and the quality of the material guarantees a long service and durability. Buying your perfect sofa table is very easy. New York Furniture Outlets offers access to all the latest offers and new designs from leading manufacturers.

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