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Modern homes are usually full with modern media equipment - audio, video, TV-sets. And if all this luxury is plied higgledy-piggledy the whole impression from your media equipment can be ruined. Media equipment in addition to its main function can create additional accents in the interior.

Today on sale it is possible to find and buy a wide range of various media furniture. There are among this range as multifunctional models, which will fit any equipment, and highly specialized, designed for a particular device.

Most of the media furniture is made without an outer case and looks like a shelf. At first glance, the design of furniture for equipment is extremely simple and it would seem easy to make by oneself. However, there are some positive points here. For example, the legs of racks for audio equipment usually have tips in the form of spikes. This allows you to reduce vibration and significantly improve the sound quality.

Benefits of Media furniture

It is very inconvenient to keep several, and even one, device on an ordinary table. Here we are faced with the problem of a large number of wires that are in the usually of getting tangled with each other. This is not only uncomfortable, but also not beautiful.

The specialized media furniture will also contribute towards the solving of the problem. Depending on the design of such furniture, the wires are either retracted into a special spiral tube, or bundles are attached to the legs and racks (out of sight) using special plastic holsters.

Such furniture can be selected not only for specific equipment, but also for a specific interior. The furniture design is very diverse, the equipment can be installed in a variety of ways - horizontally and vertically, multi-storey or sectional. And the availability on furniture of various accessories, metal, plastic or wooden parts will help to choose a right media furniture for your interior.

When choosing media furniture for audio, video, TV equipment, you should take into account its (equipment) size and weight. Depending on this, the material from which the furniture is made is selected. The assortment of materials, from which furniture is made for equipment, is quite large. Under the massive device is better to buy furniture from wood or metal, under less weighty fit even glass.

Also important is the choice of material in relation to the interior. In the classical interior, furniture from wood will get along better, in modern interior furniture from metal or glass will look better.

It is desirable to combine the purchase of furniture with equipment with the purchase of the equipment itself. Well, if the furniture is bought already for the existing equipment, then it is important to get all sizes of the equipement.

If your choice fell on furniture with glass shelves, you should pay attention to the quality of processing the corners and ends of glass elements. They should be smooth, without jags and roughness.

And at last about the price. As you know, the cheapest is the dearest. Choosing cheap furniture instead of more expensive equipment, you, it would seem, save money. However, there can appear problems with installing the furniture and right placing of the media on it. It is better to pay attention to more expensive media furniture, perhaps just it has those functions that you need, and which do not have cheaper models.

Furniture under TV from the manufacturer

NYF Outlets company offers its customers to familiarize themselves with the online media furniture catalog, which presents a large selection of pieces of media furniture.

Unlike the other online stores, where you can not affect the appearance or size of one approach that suits you, we suggest you purchase pedestals, shelves, shelves and TV stands that will for sure fit your interior. This means that for sure you will receive the right media furniture, which will take into account all your wishes. This is especially convenient and practical in the case when you need to choose furniture for a large TV.

Classical and modern media furniture: TV stands, shelving and stands Media furniture can be represented by various types of furniture:

  • media stands;
  • cabinets;
  • racking systems;
  • suspended shelves;
  • thumbs.

Depending on the size of the TV and the style in which the room is decorated, you can choose a model that is perfect for you. For living rooms and bedrooms, sustained in one of the modern directions (pop art, techno, high-tech, loft, minimalism), non-standard furniture (TV stand made of high-gloss panels with a radiused door shape or rack system for TV with shelves of different thicknesses).

How to choose media furniture

In many modern interiors you can find a flat TV screen. A flat TV panel is often fixed on a wall, but this does not mean that it will be unnecessary to buy furniture for a TV. For example, around the plasma, you can put shelves in the form of a frame or install under the TV a cabinet for speakers and a BD player or video game console. Some people believe that TV looks best in modern interiors. However, this is not the case: with a competent approach, video and audio equipment can be included even in sophisticated empire style and pompous baroque.

Traditional classical design media furniture fit well in classical interiors. Furniture under the TV (shelves, walls, shelves and curbstones) can be made of solid wood with patination, decorative inserts from eco-leather and so on. All interior items in the classic living rooms and bedrooms should harmoniously correspond with each other and not be discordant with the overall style of the room. Very beautiful in interiors in the spirit of baroque, Empire and rococo look curbstones or shelves for TV, decorated with carvings, covered with varnish and ornate patterns.

Buy media furniture online

Media furniture - one of the most important things in the interior, the choice should be approached seriously. At the same time, it can be either classical, or stylistic, or designer.

In the online store New York Furniture Outlets you can choose modern furniture for the Media equipment of different style, size, color. However, it may not necessarily be a classic wooden one. In our catalog you will find quite attractive models of racks made of steel, using bright glass elements, made of plastic, containing a small and large number of shelves and storage.

If you do not know which Media furniture is right for you, our specialists will be happy to help you with your choice.

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