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It is very important to select the furniture for kitchen and dining room. The meals at the dinner table bring together families and friends, they create traditions. In small interiors people often eat directly in the kitchen, and a dining table with chairs should be combined with kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture. In large houses, however, the arrangement of a special dining room becomes more and more popular. In this case, for the choice of furniture, different rules apply, one must adhere to the style of the interior design, either only this room, or the entire house as a whole - as the family needs.

The selection of furniture for the kitchen or dining room in practice is a very fascinating process. What will be the cupboards and chests of drawers, how will look the chairs and the table? Cabinets and chests of drawers can be from one single set, or you can combine them by yourself picking furniture from different collections. You can also choose a dining table and chairs. The dining table can be from the same collection as the rest of the furniture, or completely different. Combining different pieces of furniture and styles, you can get very interesting interior designs.

If the dining table is located in the kitchen because of a lack of space, then this is not so bad as it would seem. Here, too, there are many opportunities for creating a more comfortable place for taking meals. In a large kitchen you can put a dining table in a separate corner, and for a small kitchen there are other solutions, even in the form of a bar tables and bar stools. To simplify the decision making process, it is also worth paying attention to the dining room sets. The classic set includes chairs for four or six people and a table of the appropriate size. For a large company, it is advisable to choose an extendable table and additional chairs, then on weekdays there will be an opportunity to save space. Given the design of the dining room or kitchen, you can choose a table with a square, oval or round shape, as well as chairs suitable for it. In large spaces it also makes sense to buy several small tables and serving surfaces, where you can put food and dishes. Cabinets and chests of drawers are suitable for placing services, tablecloths, candles, etc., so that everything you need for a dining room has been collected in one place.

As a rule, if cabinets, chests of drawers and tables are made from materials of the same color, then you can make a color variety in the dining room with the help of chairs. The choice of chairs is also interesting and even difficult, because the assortment is huge, and the preferences of people are very diverse. Different chairs around the same table - this is still may be a fashionable solution.

How to choose a dining table

The main qualities of the dining table are strength and roominess. If you have a large family or you like to invite guests, then you can fit a wide and massive rectangular dining table from hardwood. If there is not enough space for such a table in your dining room, then you can limit yourself to an extendable table. And if you like dining in a tight circle, then the ideal option for you will be a small round dining table made of metal and wood. Whichever table you choose, you need to find the chairs that match the interior style. This can easily be done in the NYF Catalogue.

Dining room sets and the kitchen furniture of excellent quality in our online store

No modern kitchen can do without such standard elements of furniture as chairs or a dining table. Our online furniture store offers its customers a catalog of kitchen and dining room furniture products. 

All items collected in dining and dining groups perfectly harmonize with each other both through color solutions or interior design, and through the use of the high quality and environmentally friendly materials during production. In general, a set of dining and kitchen furniture is characterized by a unified design and composition, when each of the constituent elements fulfills its direct function and complements the other furnishing items of the kitchen.

Dining and kitchen furniture: classic, embodied in your interior

Depending on the individual size and spaciousness of the kitchen, the table in the dining room can be not only standard - round or rectangular, but also have an oval or square shape. You can also experiment with the upholstery of chairs, choosing a color that fits harmoniously into the color scheme of the rest of the furniture, textiles, decoration materials, etc. As a result, you can buy a dining group from the natural wood, which will be a single whole ensemble and a real decoration of the room or hall.

By purchasing dining room sets, you can not only choose the furniture that best fits the overall design of the interior design, but also enhance the functionality of your kitchen, dining room or hall. Such dining room sets will ideally look in a spacious kitchen or living room, which is convenient for receiving a large number of guests.

Additional furniture for the kitchen and dining room

From the right choice of buffet and sideboard depends on how easy it will be for you to maintain order in them. Think about how much utensils you need to store, and only after that choose cabinets and cupboards of the right size. In the kitchen cupboard you can put everything you need in the kitchen and dining room but also need to hide: napkins, tablecloths, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. And in the sideboard for dishes with glass doors you can put a kitchen set, glasses and a festive set of plates. If your dining room is combined with the kitchen, then another indispensable piece of furniture for you can become a small bar. It will divide the space between the working and dining areas and give you an extra space for storing dishes and alcohol.

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