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The living room is considered to be the main room of any home, because this is the room used to meet guests and hold family celebrations. The interior of this room sets the tone and creates a dominating atmosphere of the house. In order for the living room environment to meet its intended purpose - to bring comfort and coziness - it is necessary to approach the choice of a living room furniture set correctly and in a balanced manner.

Living room furniture set usually includes a sofa and two armchairs. Additional elements depending on the equipment can be: pouffes, pillows (sofa or decorative), accent chairs or side tables. Buying upholstered furniture in the set provides all the necessary items that are harmoniously combined with each other. On the other hand, a heap of furniture with the same upholstery in a small room can look tasteless and old-fashioned. Buying a set of upholstered furniture, it is very important to make the right measurements of the room and assess the location of objects. The popular mistake can be the purchase of a bulky sofa with a high back, voluminous armchairs and a rec room for a small living room with low ceilings. Opposite wrong choice may be the purchase of small living room set in a big, light and spacious living room. Excessive minimalism in furniture in a large room may result by a feeling of emptiness in the room. The defining characteristics of a living room furniture set are:

  • aesthetics, that is, the form of sofas and armchairs and the color of the upholstery;
  • the internal structure of the furniture set - the presence of springs, the type of filler, the number of layers of filler, the frame;
  • type of upholstery: cotton, linen, velvet, artificial and natural leather.

Living Room Furniture Setupholstery

When decorating the interior from scratch, the most reasonable solution is to buy a ready-made living room furniture set. Such sets may include: a sofa and two armchairs (3-piece living room set); corner sofa and armchair; sofa, armchair and ottoman; two sofas with different number of seats ("three" and "two"), etc. In short, it can be any possible combinations of different functional pieces of furniture, perfectly combined with each other and connected in a single composition. The purchase of furniture in the living room set will free you from the need to spend precious time and energy to combine different furniture pieces. This was already made by professional designers, submitting to your court ready sets of upholstered furniture. You have only to make your choice.

What to look for when choosing a set of upholstered furniture

Each buyer has his own taste and preferences. However, there are a number of requirements common to all: 1. Style - A living room furniture set must correspond to the general style of the interior, be its harmonious complement.

2. The aesthetic aspect - Since the living room is the main of your house, the appearance of living room furniture set should be aesthetically appealing and fit your status.

3. Comfort - The design of sofas and armchairs should be fit anatomically, comfortable armrests and orthopedic filling is a plus.

4. Functionality - When choosing sets of upholstered furniture, it is better to give preference to convertible models equipped with a transformation mechanism, since an extra bed can always come in handy.

If you decide to buy a living room furniture set online, you should pay attention to our website. Traditionally, a set of upholstered furniture consists of a sofa and two armchairs. However, recently many online shops began to offer living room furniture sets, which include a variety of components: it can be a sofa (including sofas, ottomans, couches) or sectional sofa with one or more armchairs. 3 piece living room sets is the most common choice of furniture for such living space. 

The set of upholstered furniture often includes a pouf - a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used not only as a seat, but also as a table. From inside, the ottomans and poufs are hollow, and can be used as a storage box.

Living room furniture set is often equipped with bright elegant sofa cushions. Also very convenient to use living room furniture sets, in which chairs and ottomans are equipped with roller wheels, which gives them additional mobility. As a result, such original sets of upholstered furniture occupy a rather large area.

Living room furniture sets are made, based on the design and upholstery. You can buy a sofa and an armchair separately, but then you will lose style, which distinguishes sets of upholstered furniture from simple furniture sets. Therefore, it is better to buy a full set immediately than to waste your time to find a suitable puff or chair.

The choice of soft furniture is determined not only by the area of ​​your living room, but also by the number of people living in the house, and by the number of possible guests. If you like, when your house is full of friends, buy such a set for the living room, so that everyone can be comfortably accommodated. It can be three, four or more objects in any combination: two sofas + two armchairs, three armchairs + one sofa or any other combination of furniture pieces. In addition, your guests may stay overnight, so it is desirable to have at least one sofa equipped with a transformation mechanism. If you like solitude or prefer to go on a visit yourself, and your family is relatively small, you have several options: two comfortable chairs, a pair of small sofas or one armchair and one sofa. In such way you can enrich living space with enough seating and comfort for you and your faimily.

How to buy a living room furniture set?

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