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Sofas for home

The sofa rightly occupies a niche of a popular, comfortable and practical option for home interiors. The variety of modern forms and models of sofas for apartments is able to satisfy any your desire and design preferences. The sofas and sofa sets offered in our online furniture catalogue are made from high quality materials. Soft components are made from various wear-resistant materials. Upholsteries of the sofa are represented by a variety of materials (Fabrics, Leather, PU-leather, etc.) and a wide range of color solutions. You can easily choose any option of upholstery, suitable for the features of your interior.

To buy a sofa, it is not necessary to allocate a large gap of your personal time to visit various specialized stores and outlets. New York Furniture Outlets online store ensures the prompt processing of your orders and the implementation of only high-quality and time-tested furniture.

Sofas for apartments - important interior items

So historically, the sofa has become an integral part of the modern interior. This is both a place for a comfortable day's sleep, and a place for rest and daytime leisure. Soft sofa for apartment - the area where you can relax, chat in a comfortable environment with relatives and friends. In private offices, social institutions, clinics, VIP reception rooms sofa is an important component of the interior.

Sofas outlet online - freedom of choice

Modern customer does not accept any limits or boundaries. Everyone wants to have freedom of choice, buy only the model they liked, and to be sure in the choice made. Therefore, when the question of purchasing high-quality furniture for a home or office arises, it is worth a hundred percent of cases to buy sofas for apartments in an online store by ordering in New York Furniture Outlets:

  • guaranteed high quality products,
  • a huge variety of models,
  • the widest possible range of products.

Besides the exclusive and luxury sofas for apartments, there are also cheap sofas designed to provide affordable options for every budget. The choice is truly diverse. Furniture products, in a good sense of the word, amaze with high quality, absolute safety, unique ergonomics.

Customers who were looking for a sofa online, at any time of the day and night, can choose and buy a sofa online, selected according to aesthetic parameters, the technical characteristics which are ideal for residential or non-residential premises. The standard selection criterias include color of the upholstery of the product and overall size of the sofas for apartments. These are the main guidelines for choosing sofa online.

If the sofa at the same time should serve as a zone for daytime rest, and a bed - it is necessary to choose a convertable model. It is necessary to choose a structure of increased durability. After all, almost every day to lay out and fold the sofa. The mechanism will wear out. Consequently, such a model requires increased quality and durability requirements.

Our online store delivers sofas Nationwide, offering only high-quality sofas for apartmanets, the price range of which is allows customers with low and medium budgets to buy the sofa for apartment they deserve.

How to choose sofa


Faux leather, microfiber, jacquard and natural leather possess high wear resistance. These are excellent options if the furniture is located in a living room. Additional upholstery options include soft velvet, chenille or other textiles, featuring a variety of colors and patterns.


Depending on what you are buying the product for, choose its parameters. A small compact version with upholstery made from easily washable material is suitable for a child's room nursery. Such a product should be provided with a maximum level of safety: the absence of protruding legs and complex structure, sharp corners. The bedroom for two is suitable for a wide multi-functional sofa with storage for storing bed linen and other accessories. If you choose the option for the office, it is worth choosing a strong structure of wear-resistant material. Our catalog presents ready-made solutions for different rooms: a nursery, a bedroom or living room.

Design of the sofas

Design is one of the main criteria when choosing a product. If you plan to buy furniture for a large room, pay attention to the corner or semicircular models with high backs and built-in structures. In a small room near the wall will look fine island compact version. When choosing a color, look at the rest of the furniture in the room, as well as the colors of the walls and flooring material. Do not choose a pattern in the color of the wall paint: it will get lost on the wall background. We have different color and decoration options for every taste and preferences.

Sofa prices

On our official website you can filter the sofas in the catalog for the price. With us, you can purchase both budget options and expensive luxury models made of genuine leather with many additional features. Sofas in the online store - reliability and impeccable quality!

If you want a long time without problems and any repairs to use a sofa - definitely you need to choose models with spring blocks. Usually the springs are installed in sofas, which, in addition to individual cells, are supplemented with a special reinforcement and a protective net. On top of the mesh is a layer of felt, elastic coconut fiber, made of nut coir. It is absolutely natural, safe for health fillers, which do not cause allergies, attacks of bronchial asthma. Therefore, people suffering from these ailments can quietly order a spring sofa, supplemented by a multi-layered construction of natural ingredients.

The sofa, which is supposed to be used for daily sleep, is better to choose in the eurobook variant. This is a classic model that:

  • will serve his master for a dozen years,
  • prematurely does not fail,
  • will not creak and demand any reconstruction and lubrication mechanisms.

The sofa is a classic of the genre, which for many years has enjoyed the deserved popularity and love of customers to this day. The main thing is to choose not only a strong and reliable sofa, but one that, in its aesthetic characteristics, will suit the interior of the room, where it will be installed. Reliability, beauty, aesthetics and absolute practicality - the components of a quality sofa offered by New York Furniture Outlets!

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