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A bench in the living room is an object of the interior, which highlights to the good taste of the owners of the home. Some time ago this attribute could be found in the classical style living rooms. Today, the soft upholstered bench for the living room is used to add the touch of the chic in the interior  made in the different styles, including modern, country, baroque and in any other style. This small piece of furniture will easily take its place in front of the dressing table, grand piano or make up a beautiful company with a sofa and chairs.

Benches for the living room are available in the NY Furniture Outlets Internet store. Our product range is full of affordable furniture options for the interior, able to transform the room, giving it elegance, uniqueness and style.

Bench - perfect addition the interior

The secret of the living room charm is in those pieces of furniture that complement the basic idea. Pay your attention, for example, at stylish benches. Relevant will be designer banquettes near the couch or armchairs - here you can put your feet while watching a movie or reading a book.   This piece of furniture can not be underestimated - large benches can be very useful almost at any room. Accent bench, can found its place near the coffee table, creating additional seating space. In the collection of NY Furniture Outlets store you will find items that will put a stylish and bright point in the design of the room.

Benches in the modern interiors

Stylish benches are functional, practical, comfortable addition of sitting space in the living room, a bedroom or hallway. The presence of such elements of furniture testifies not only to the completeness of the interior, but also about the excellent sense of the style of the owners. In our online furniture shop you can buy elite, expensive models, which are characterized not only by functionality, but also by high decorative, thoughtful design. You have the right to choose between classic, lush benches and ergonomic, compact ones. Buy designer products can be to design different rooms in the house.

  • Stylish benches with storage at the bottom will be an indispensable functional part of the hallway or dressing room;
  • Designer expensive benches harmoniously fit into the living room, being both an addition to the interior and a self-sufficient piece of furniture;
  • Benches can be also bought for a bedroom, placed near a bed or dressing table;
  • Exclusive, stylish benches look beautiful in the dining room, where they can serve as additional seats.

  Furniture made of high-quality materials, reliable and durable, do not lose their original characteristics throughout the operational period.  

How to choose a living room bench?

Our living room benches catalogue contains products that will look great in a classic or modern interior. When choosing it is necessary to take into account the general style direction of the room, the color scheme, the purpose of the bench. Presented in the catalogs bench models are made of durable materials, decorated with high-quality fabrics, decorated with elegant patterns, carved legs.   Buying exclusive benches is very easy with NYF Outlets. You will be pleasantly surprised by a wide range of exquisite, elite models, attractive prices, high-quality service, the opportunity to use the FREE to-door delivery.

Metal framed benches Metal framed benches are upholstered furniture, where only the frame and legs differ in material and decoration. So metal benches are suitable for a hallway or bedroom, decorated in classical styles - English, Provence and even Art Nouveau. Forged and metal framed benches distinguished by floral ornaments forged parts. Forged banquet can also be made in a minimalist style, where forged parts are sealed lines or an abstract pattern. Such an element of upholstered furniture will look good in a similar minimalistic interior. Recently, metal frames with the use of chrome-plated elements have become popular - such upholstered benches are suitable for a living room in the style of high-tech. 

Benches with storage Want to add a twist to the interior of the living room? Then the benches with storage is exactly what you need. Despite the fact that the benches with storage is used in the interiors for a long time, it does not lose its popularity. It always looks original and fits well in any color and style of the interior. Bench with storage will look expressive in the living room, decorated in the country style.

Small size of the benches, their functionality and affordable price - the things that make these little pieces of furniture very popular.

The number of ways how the upholstered bench can be used is underestimated. Upholstered bench is an indispensable component of the home environment.

Materials from which benches are made can differ, as the pieces of furniture themselves differ in their purpose. So, the benches for the bedroom are worth choosing the lighter forms and with a minimum of additional details. This can be a bench with a storage for storing bed linen, made in the classical Baroque style, or more modern, with minimalistic elements. Benches in the hallway are better to choose a more stable design, the size of which will depend on the size of the room.

Bench upholstery materials

Another important issue that arises when choosing an upholstered bench - what color to choose for the upholstery? We offer several options: If we talk about the living room or bedroom, then most often the color of the bench is selected in tone with sofas and chairs so that the furniture looks like one set. For those who are willing to experiment and the previous version seems a little boring, a great solution will be combining colors. For example, an upholstered bench can be made in one color with sofa cushions or curtains, and the color of the sofa and armchairs in the other. In addition, an upholstered bench can act as bright accents - with nothing not combining and self-sufficient units of furniture. A bright otter of crimson, turquoise or lemon-yellow color has already become a classic in rooms in a modern style and lofts.

Of course, in our online store there are also classic round benches. New York Furniture Outlets, can offer the widest range of benches available online.

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