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It's no secret that the more comfortable the chair, the more complete the rest will be. Modern lifestyle dictates the birth of new ideas, which are embodied in unique designs - such as recliner chairs. If more recently, many did not imagine what it is, today more and more people not only understand its features, but have already acquired such a model.

Comfortable recliner chairs are now quite a popular category of home furniture among other interior products. Particularly of great interest is its functionality and stylish appearance. A comfortable chair with a unique mechanism of transformation has an adjustable backrest and equipped with a special footrest. Also, many recliner chairs have various additional functions, from massage to built-in radio, and can also turn into a rocking chair. Management of such a miracle of technology is carried out both manually and with the help of a remote control.

What are the features of the recliner chair?

At first glance, this is an ordinary leather chair. More precisely, not ordinary, but incredibly beautiful, elegant and provoking desire to sit down even for a minute. High quality upholstery material, natural wood, original design - these are not the only things that distinguishes the recliner chair among the other model types. Its main feature is the mechanism of transformation, which recline the chair from the standard sitting option to a comfortable resting place.

The recliner mechanism provides folding backrest and footrest. In a matter of seconds, without leaving the chair, you can easily get him to take the form that is convenient for you at the moment. You can easily choose the optimum backrest angle by lowering it at the most comfortable angle. If desired, you can lift only the footrest, and leave the backrest in its original position. This is a great option for comfortable watching TV or reading your favorite magazine.

Recliner chair was created for the first time in effort to create the most comfortable conditions for recreation. Recliner chairs have a number of ergonomic advantages. The back of the chair has an anatomically correct form, and the lower part of it performs the function of supporting the waist. Use of this type of upholstered furniture excludes the appearance of stoop and allows you to maintain the right posture.

When selecting the recliner chair, you can use special search filters on our website, thus saving your time considerably. In the catalog on our website you can choose recliner chair by any of desired charactristics:

  • Colour;
  • upholstery material;
  • brand;
  • price.

Super-comfortable leather recliners

The recliner chairs take their origin from seats from airplanes and cars. In its very name are the purpose and principle of work: "recline" - lean back. With the help of the movable elements of the transformation mechanism, the back of the leather recliner chair is leans back and fixes in the desired position.

Recliner chairs with remote control

With the manual control of the recliner, the backrest reclines from a slight physical effort. Without getting up from the chair, the backrest is pushed, and the chair is converted into a comfortable relaxing place. Simultaneously, the footrest appears from under the seat. Returning to the starting position is carried out by the mechanism lever.

Electrical control does not require any physical effort. On the side of the armrest the special button can be mounted. Sometimes the manufacturers offer a remote control for more comfortable use of the chair. The electric drive smoothly and quietly changes the position of the backrest and footrest. Recliner chairs with electric control are usually more expensive than mechanical ones.

If the family has elderly and weak people, it is better to buy a recliner chair with an electric drive. It does not require any effort to recline, it acts relaxing, helps a weak person to get up. The drive slowly and smoothly lifts the backrest with the lying person, removes the footrest, raises and tilts the seat forward. Such leather recliners facilitate the life and care of sick family members.

New York Furniture Outlets offers wide model and color range of recliner chairs. The most popular colors of recliners are brown, black, beige, white. High quality leather furniture serves a very long time, and the listed colors will fit any interior. The least demanding of the surrounding design is a white leather chair. This color is harmoniously combines with all colors of the interior.

Advantages of buying an recliner chair in our store

  • Comfortable recliner mechanism. You do not have to make significant efforts to ensure that the back is in a comfortable position, and the footrest is horizontal.
  • Entire body relief. Recliners are perfect for relieving the load from the back and helps to relax in a sitting, lying and reclining position.
  • Durable upholstery and high quality manufacturing of all parts. Obviously, the leather recliner does not require much care, and the quality of its assembly provides a long service life.
  • Attractive price. We guarantee good discounts for regular customers. We know how to offer the best service for our customers, that's why we try to make the price of our products as accessible as possible.

Now you can see the recliner chair not only in private jets or first-class luxury airlines or the cabins of fashionable cruise ships and luxurious beauty centers. You can become the owner of a comfortable, high-quality, exclusive and affordable recliner chair right now. Place an order today on our website and we will deliver it free of charge to the doors of your house!

In our online store of home furniture NY Furniture you can buy a modern recliner chair, which will definitely fit your interior. On the pages of our online furniture catalogue you will find many different models of electromechanical and orthopedic armchair-recliners from well-known brands of manufacturers such as ACME, Myco and AE.

NY Furniture offers to buy an recliner chairs and to feel all the advantages of its use.

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