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NUEVO Living Furniture


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Nuevo Living Furniture offers a unique look at furniture. Creating their creations, the company "Nuevo" adheres to a simple principle, furniture can be interesting and convenient, while remaining durable! To further diversify the model range, the designers of Nuevo created unique furniture designers. You yourself can create the desired structure from the finished blocks. Even if you disassemble the kit, you will not get a pile of components, you will get a coffee table and 4 chairs for rest. Having amusing names, expressing the shape they collect, these sets are the only ones of their kind.

The furniture manufacturer NUEVO living was opened for over 20 years from now. In those years, NUEVO living was recognized as modern and innovative furniture manufacturer. Despite fairly tough competition, the new firm quickly found its buyer and embarked the American furniture market.
At the initial stage, the furniture factory NUEVO living had a small staff - only a few people worked in the company. But this fact did not become a brake on the development of the company: designers, technologists and designers were full of enthusiasm and focused on the production of high quality furniture, which won the trust of buyers. As a result, the hardworking and ambitious team led the company to the list of the best furniture manufacturers in Canada. Today, the process of manufacturing sofas and other types of upholstered furniture is fine-tuned - thanks to its convenience, stylish design and durability, Nuevo furniture products are in great demand, and the Canadian furniture manufacturer is on par with the famous European manufacturers.

NUEVO furniture product range

The range of the company's products began to be formed from two models of sofa beds equipped with the simple mechanisms of transformation. These products with catchy and mysterious names quickly gained the customer’s attention. Both types of sofas have gained a high popularity, the some of the first models is still included in the brand's product line.
A competent marketing move gave instant results: quality and stylish furnishings were noticed and appreciated by both consumers and well-known furniture world manufacturers. Thanks to the established partnership relations, NUEVO has gained new knowledge and experience, has learned to focus on the needs of customers.

NUEVO furniture: high quality and design

Due to the beautiful design and advantageous correlation of price and quality, NUEVO furniture quickly found itself at the peak of popularity - the brand's products were exhibited in the leading shopping centers Worldwide, and the sales level was growing rapidly. Couple of years after the opening, the management decided to expand - the firm changed its former address, increased its production facilities and opened several additional branches.

Furniture by NUEVO LIVING - confident look to the future

Today, NUEVO is one of the best furniture manufacturers online. The high quality of the brand's products is confirmed by a number of prestigious awards and diplomas received at major international and domestic exhibitions.
The firm has a staff of qualified specialists, high-tech equipment, its own warehouses and a well-established infrastructure. The production of furniture is completely computerized and implemented using the latest technology. This approach guarantees the production of reliable and high-quality furniture with a long service life. The stylish design of sofas, armchairs, couches and pouffes deserves special attention: the company offers not only serial furniture, but also author's products developed by the team of professional designers.
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NUEVO Living room furniture is manufactured from high-quality materials, reliable mechanisms and stylish design. Due to constant care of customers, the company has become one of the best furniture manufacturers in US and Canada and still maintains a high reputation.