ESF Trading Capri Dining Table

: ESF-Capri Dining Table
: 50 lbs
: $1425.00
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Product Description

Looking for a fancy-looking table for your dining room? ESF Trading Capri Dining Table is a good choice! Made from reliable materials with use of the latest technologies offers high quality of the final product, in addition to the impeccable look. ESF Trading Capri Dining Table is made from the latest technology chipboard covered with high quality veneer. The veneer is covered with six layers of UV-resistant polyester lacquer finish, that will provide ultimate durability of the table for years. The design of the ESF Trading Capri Dining Table makes it perfect not only for modern living rooms, but also for more traditional interiors. This ESF Trading Capri Dining Table is manufactured in Italy, providing the legendary quality, but careful choice of materials makes this table affordable.

The design of ESF Trading Capri Dining Table is represented with four wide legs, as well as a classic rectangular worktop. Thanks to the use of high-quality and wear-resistant materials, the model will last you a long time.


The sleek design of the ESF Trading Capri Dining Table will appeal to everyone who appreciates minimalism and does not like pretentiousness. This table perfectly fits into the interior of any dining room. Despite the fairly compact size, ESF Trading Capri Dining Table can comfortably accommodate a family of 6 people.


✿ Capri Dining Table w/2ext: w81 inches , D:42 inches , H:31 inches

✿ The price shown is for the dining table only.

✿ The Dining table is designed with a graceful lines and brings the modern crisp atmosphere to your home.

✿ This dining table has a modern look in its straight forms and accurate details.


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